Manually Install The Official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Update On Samsung Galaxy S II
By on March 13th, 2012

Earlier today, Samsung announced that Galaxy S II owners in South Korea, Poland and some other regions of the world will get to taste the official Ice Cream Sandwich update on their handset.

Since then, the official firmware (XXLPQ) has been pulled from Samsung’s server by the folks over at for Galaxy S II owners in other regions of the world to flash and enjoy.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install the official LPQ Ice Cream Sandwich firmware on the Galaxy S II -:

Since this is an official firmware, users will not lose their warranty if they flash this firmware on their phone. Their phone will however be wiped clean of all data, so please make a backup of your data before proceeding futher!

Step 1: Download the official XXLPQ firmware from here (Mirror 1 2, 3 and a torrent link) and download ODIN from here. Extract the LPQ firmware zip file inside a new folder on your desktop.

Step 2: Switch off your Galaxy S2 and re-insert its battery. Now boot your Galaxy S2 in Download mode by pressing the Volume Down + Home + Power button simultaneously. Your phone will then show you a warning. Simply skip the warning by pressing the Volume Up button.

Step 3: Start ODIN, and then connect your Galaxy S II to your PC. ODIN will then detect your phone, and display a random COM:ID number inside a glowing rectangle box. Click on the ‘PDA’ button, and select the ‘I9100XXLPQ_I9100OXALPQ_I9100XXLPQ_HOME.tar.md5’ file. It is the only file inside the zip file that you downloaded in Step 1 above.

Step 4: Do not touch any other option. Simply press the Start button and wait for ODIN to flash the firmware.

The firmware is pretty big (600MB extracted), and so ODIN will take some time to flash it. The first boot after the flash will also take considerable time. It took nearly 10minutes for my Galaxy S II to start after I flashed the firmware.

Update: Added some mirrors for the firmware download link. For root access, download and flash Siyah Kernel LPQ and flash via ODIN.

Update 2: If your phone is stuck at the S boot logo for more than 15 mins, re-insert the battery and re-do the steps mentioned above.

Author: Rajesh Pandey Google Profile for Rajesh Pandey
Rajesh is a 19 year old nerd, currently pursuing B.Com Hons from Bhawanipore college in Kolkata, India. He loves everything tech, especially Android. You can follow him on twitter @ePandu or mail to him at

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  • Devtonu Chatopadhaya

    Any idea when ics shall be launched officially for galaxy note……and what are the pro’s and con’s

    • Rajesh Pandey

      It should be released by March end or mid-April

    • Devtonu Chatopadhaya

      Thanks. also what can be done to play games like galaxy on fire and nova

  • Devtonu Chatopadhaya

    Gt n7000…….
    also why does games like galaxy on fire 2 not play on note…I presume the hardware is sufficient

  • Tay Wei Kai

    Thanks for the detailed instruction!

  • Nitin Bohara

    I heard this firmware does NOT wipe if we are upgrading from stock gingerbread.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Nop. It does

  • Simin Chichu

    is it normal that my s2 took more than 10 minutes to start up after the flashing?

    • Vidhu Krishnan

      kurach neram vellathil ittu vecha mathi….

  • Rune Dalager

    Hey, thx for the guide. I had to manually update since I for some months experimented with flashing.My ICS is now up and running. I have however a problem. The telephone wants to setuo for automatically software update in the future. I have to agree to some given terms, but I cannot. It comes back saying that the registration failed…In the top bar there is constantly a icon for software update. Is there anyeay to turn this of?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      You need to have root access to remove that ‘Software Update’ bar from the notification bar. I have updated the guide with link to a Rooted kernel.

  • Sangeeta Sarma

    I’m on 2.3.6 stock in India. I haven’t rooted my phone. Can I still use your above method to flash? Please guide.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Yes you can

    • Sangeeta Sarma

      Rajesh Pandey So I need not root my phone, you mean to say? Will I be able to update via kies going forward?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Sangeeta Sarma Yes. No no need to root. You can also use KIES in the future to update your phone!

    • Sangeeta Sarma

      Rajesh Pandey Thanks a lot :)

  • Karan Wats

    Do I need to wipe data and do factory reset before or after flashing as many users reported FCs and bootloops? and is it just 1 file that need to be flashed? currently I’m on DDKL1 and using it with t mobile in usa?/.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      No. Not needed.

  • Petar Obicham Bianka Todorov

    hey guys. I’ve followed the steps but before starting to root an error apperaed in ODIN and now it says please wait while my phone says “downloading Do not turno off target”. I was upgrading from an official 2.3.5 to the update listed above. My galaxy s2 has been stucked on this screen for like 30 minutes.. what should I do? thank you :)

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Flash again!

    • Petar Obicham Bianka Todorov

      Rajesh Pandey ok i’ve managed to cope with the problem but when i try to flash again an erroe appears in Odin and it says “incorrect parameter”. I tried several times but i always got this same error? CAn you please provide me with a solution ? thank you :)

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Peter Georgiev Todorov Is your phone working right now? Restart your Phone and PC, and then try again.

    • Petar Obicham Bianka Todorov

      Rajesh Pandey yes it is and i am running an original 2.3.5 and want to update to xxlpq… ive’ been lookin for a solution to this error since 2 hours and i think it has something to do with the formatting of either the phone memory or the ms card … Since i am a newbie i do not know if i am on the right way

    • Petar Obicham Bianka Todorov

      Rajesh Pandey Hey man, it worked i somehow managed to do it… a lot of experiments but totally worth it …thanks for the promt feedback anyway :)

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Peter Georgiev Todorov welcome! :)

  • Vitor Vicentini

    Rajesh, thank you for great information. I did the actualization on my sII nicely. But now I can’t root my phone. When I try use Odin and CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXX_LPB-v5.2-CWM5 or CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_KI4-v4.4-CWM4, the phone turn in a brick! Do you know how can root with this new release? Thanks.

  • Aswin Thotapalli

    I tried the above steps it says. All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0).

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Flash again. Nothing happened when you flashed the first time.

    • Rahul Sharma

      Rajesh Pandey how wud we be able to restore our data back as kies is not supporting ics here in india ?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Rahul Sharma If you are upgrading from a Gingerbread based firmware, your handset will not be wiped clean of any data.

  • Abhijit ‘Abhi’ Murthy

    Thank you so much! that did not seem that complicated! A doubt though, I have a lot of things in my SD card and my contacts and messages are very valuable, any idea how to back them up? :(

    • Adiraju Aditya Sharma

      kies !! I think you can back up your contacts..

    • Abhijit ‘Abhi’ Murthy

      @[100000429702427:2048:Adiraju Aditya Sharma] It was not necessary even! none of my data was deleted! :D

  • Carlos Miró

    Hi Rajesh. I’m the owner of a Spanish GT9100 without “G” or any additional letter at the end. Can I use this ROM? I’m using now the XXLPH and works more or less fine… but slow. Is it better this new ICS version?

  • Safwat Messiha

    Hi, Is above ICS update work on both 9100 & 9100 G version? Thx.

    • Rajesh Pandey

      No. It will only work on the I9100 variant!

    • Safwat Messiha

      Rajesh Pandey Thanks a lot :) so I will buy the white I9100, is there is theover- heatingt & battery drain issues with yr ISC update or any problems you faced after installation ?? Thx again :)

  • Rahil Virani

    I have samsung galaxy s2 i9100g. can ICS be upgraded on it? if no, what’s the difference between i9100g n just i9100?

  • Rahil Virani

    Thanks for your response. last question. Any possibility that ICS upgrade will be available for i9100g too in near future?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Yes, it will be. Expect it to land in the next 1.5 months

    • Rahil Virani

      Rajesh Pandey thnx :)

  • Abrar Khan

    Hello Rajesh, I did what you mentioned above and the ICS installed. However after this it wont detect my memory, most of the apps crash , the camera wont open and give me a message to turn off USB storage before using the camera. It also gives an error saying you help me out here.

    • Syed Ashfaq

      Is ur phone rooted n has clockworkmod recovery installed. If yes I hav a custom ics rom with least probs for u

    • Syed Ashfaq

      Chk for team hacksung ics build 16 on xdadeveloper forums. Thr r various other custom ics roms on this forum but this one is d most stable

    • Abrar Khan

      @[797958451:2048:Syed Ashfaq] i kind of fixed it . i found out that the SD card was messing up and during media scanning it would make the process stop. The whole process would also stop the USB storage reading. I removed the card, inserted it in my BB, formatted it and put it back… first the phone didnt hang, the media scanning was successful and it read the SD card. Now its back to normal.

  • Rohit Phadnis

    do we risk “bricking” the phone when we install updates this way?

  • Martin Walubita Mubita

    I did everything successfully and phone is working fine but Kies says my device cannot be updated through Kies why?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      You are already on Ice Cream Sandwich now. What will KIES update your phone to now?

  • Abhiraj Kanwar

    hey Rajesh
    i am trying to extract the files but it keeps coming up with fatal error file corrupted, downloaded the file twice, got any ideas as to why this is happening?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      Maybe the file is not getting downloaded properly. Download again!

  • Timmy Guy

    Hi I did use this and it works perfectly. But still I havn’t noticed the main changes. ie. grouping of apps, the slider menu, the icon change, wallpaper and clock change? why is it so?

  • Timmy Guy

    Hi thanks..This is working but I have few queries. In youtube videos I see a samsung galaxy s2 with different icecream, Like clock getting changed, grouping of apps, slider menu etc but this has none of these. Why is it so?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      That must be a custom ROM or CM9. This is Samsung’s version of Ice Cream Sandwich, and that’s how it will look. You can try out Nova launcher or Apex launcher from the Play Market for that grouping of apps, slider menus etc.

    • Timmy Guy

      Rajesh Pandey Thank you soo much man :) Really love this

  • Abdullah Elawsi

    is this an official version? or leaked?

    • Rajesh Pandey


  • Ugam Kamat

    is active internet connection required for this?

  • Rony Widiyanto

    it working perfectly in my sgs2…..all running smoothly.

    • Tedy Duclo

      Slamat & sukses

    • Mohamad Ghozi Bahrul Ulum

      mantap bro

  • Anukul Pai

    does this pprocedure means “i will b rooting my phone”?

    • Rajesh Pandey

      No. You don’t need root access to flash the firmware. Also, your warranty will remain intact as well!

  • Gautham Vasudevan

    Hi. Thanks for this update. It does work. But my problem is I cannot get all the features of the icecream sandwich OS that I see in nexus phone. For eg, the icons and background still remain like the prev android version is S2, I cannot see the slider bar and the new grouping features of app in the oS I have downloaded. WHy is that so?

  • Kameel Khaldy

    Thank you Rajesh,
    It took less than 10 minuets to have the ICS intalled in my sii.

  • Sagrada Familya

    For which samsung galaxy s2 ICS software is not applicable? For i9100 or for i1900G!

  • Mikey James Pooley

    Hi, my Samsung galaxy s2 is stuck in firmware 2.3.4 and cannot update through KIES or via wifi on the phone itself. Its pretty annoying and I really want to get Ice cream sandwich, or at least some sort of update being shown. I was just wondering what you think I should do? Do you think doing the above will work?

  • Anthony Alder

    mi phone is stuck in the S logo, I did everithing you told me.

  • Vishal P.Dhuru

    is it working for I9100G too?

  • Antara

    All the Mirrors and Link forFirmware Download don’t work at my end.

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