MagicLocker Is The Best Lockscreen Replacement App For Android; Even Better Than WidgetLocker
By on December 5th, 2011
Widget Locker is THE best lock screen replacement app in the Android Market, according to many people. However, the app is still no match against the brilliant lock screen of MIUI. I absolutely love the charging animation present in MIUI’s lock screen, and I really wished that Widget Locker had such a feature. I was expecting the much awaited new version of Widget Locker to add such a feature, but sadly that did not happen.A few days ago, I came across another lock screen replacement app for Android, Magic Locker. Even though I have been a loyal Widget Locker user, I decided to give the app a try, and I am glad I did!

MagicLocker is in every way better than Widget Locker I can think of. There are some beautiful yet functional themes available in the Android Market for MagicLocker. Using these themes, users can easily switch between an iPhone like lock screen to a Sense based lock screen or an Android 4.0 ICS based lock screen. The best part of Magic Locker? Some themes have a charging animation similar to the ones found in MIUI’s lock screen.

Unlike Widget Locker, MagicLocker can change the complete look of your phone by just changing one theme. The app also allows users to set a custom unlock sound. The whole unlocking a process in Magic Locker is just better than Widget Locker or any other similar app for that matter.  The biggest downside of Magic Locker is that unlike Widget Locker, it does not have the ability to add Widgets on the lock screen. I usually do not like to keep Widgets on my lock screen, so this is not a big issue for me.

While WidgetLocker is paid, MagicLocker can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. Quite a few themes are also available for the app on the Android Market. Some of them are paid, and offer some advanced customizability options as well.

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