Meet Khrome To Phone; An Alternative To Chrome To Phone With Support For Google Apps Account
By on February 8th, 2012

Google has released some quality and really useful apps in the Android Market like Goggles, Maps, and Earth etc. However, the big G for some reason releases quite a few of their apps, only in selected regions of the world (Read: United States). The recently released Chrome for Android browser being a prime example, and was available for download only from the United States Android Market. Thankfully, the APK was uploaded by one of our readers for other users to enjoy.

Chrome To Phone is another popular and nifty app from Google, which again is available for download in limited regions of the world. There is no reason why Google has released the app in few regions of the world, since it does not depend on your location to work perfectly.

Anyways, for people who have not heard about Chrome To Phone, the app works in conjunction with a plugin for Chrome. It allows you to send links, phone numbers, maps, snippets etc. from your PC to your Android handset at just the press of a button. Handy, huh?

Beside its limited availability in the Android Market, the second biggest problem with Chrome To Phone is that it only works with Gmail accounts, and not with Google Apps account. The app is in the market for well over a year now, but Google never updated the app to add support for Google Apps based accounts.

Thankfully, one Android developer has managed to solve both these problems with an app called Khrome To Phone. The app is exactly the same as Chrome To Phone with a few bug fixes, and most importantly without its two major disadvantages – limited availability and lack of support for GApps account.

So, if you have not yet tried out Chrome To Phone, due to its limited availability and/or lack of support for GApps account, head over to the Android Market and install Khrome To Phone. Also, don’t forget to install the Chrome To Phone plugin for Chrome, and use the same Google account you will be using on Khrome To Phone.

Khrome To Phone will be installed as Chrome To Phone in your phone, and has the exact same UI as the original version. The app even states that it does not work with Google Apps account, but worked just fine for me and a few other people who tested the app.

Author: Rajesh Pandey Google Profile for Rajesh Pandey
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