Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine Ported To Samsung Galaxy S2
By on December 7th, 2011
Thanks to the Retina Display on the iPhone 4, Android handset manufacturers started improving the screen tech used on their phone as well. While Samsung went the Super-AMOLED way, which is arguably the best screen technology present out there, Sony Ericsson used ‘Reality Display’ Mobile Bravia Engine technology on their phone. The Mobile Bravia Engine technology works on the LED back-lit display used by Sony’s phone, and enhances the image quality while viewing images and videos.

The Bravia Engine is nothing but a software enhancement from Sony to boost the contrast and sharpness of the screen, while playing back videos. Nevertheless, the technology does work and brings about a noticeable improvement in image quality while watching videos and images. The Bravia Mobile Engine technology was first ported to the Xperia X10 handset, and then to some other handsets sporting an S-LCD screen, mostly from HTC. Now, a developer from India, GadgetCheck, has ported the Mobile Bravia Engine technology to the Samsung Galaxy S2. The mod is available only for rooted handset users to try.

I tried this mod on my Galaxy S2, and I did notice an improvement in the image quality while watching a video. Other users who tried this mod did report a minor improvement in the inage quality while watching some videos. It might as well be a placebo effect, so I would recommend all SGS2 owners to try out the mod on their own handset.

There is a flashable ZIP file available for CheckROM Revolution HD ROM users to try. If you are using any other custom ROM on your SGS2, you will have to manually edit some system files of their phone. The whole step by step method to manually install this mod can be found here.

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