How To Install CM9 On Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G
By on February 20th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S was undoubtedly the most popular Android handset of 2010. In fact, the handset was so popular that Samsung released many variants of the handset with nearly the same hardware under different names.

The Sprint’s Epic 4G was one such handset, and the only handset in the Galaxy S series to sport a QWERTY keyboard. However, the software of the phone was nothing but full of hacks to somehow get the phone working properly. This made the life of developers over at XDA forums tough. Another downside of all this hackery from Samsung was that porting similar mods from the Galaxy S and other similar handsets to the Epic 4G was pretty cumbersome.

Thanks to the similar hardware between the Nexus S and Galaxy S, the Galaxy S got a stable build of Ice Cream Sandwich pretty early. This build was soon ported over to other Galaxy S series handsets like the Captivate and Fascinate. However, the ICS port of Epic 4G required some real hard work.

Thankfully, some CM developers were ready to take the challenge and successfully got ICS to boot on the Epic 4G sometime last month. The build still had some serious bugs, which the developers have been squashing with every new build.

The latest build of CM9 for Epic 4G (Alpha 4) has fixed the major Ringing of Death bug, and other issues. In my opinion, the latest build of CM9/Ice Cream Sandwich is good enough to be used on a daily basis.

Installation Guide

Before proceeding, please keep in mind that your handset will be wiped clean of all data so make a backup of your data. Also, the steps below require your handset to be rooted with a custom recovery installed. If your handset is not rooted, I’d recommend you not to flash this ROM since its not meant for amateurs.

Step 1: Download CM9 Alpha 4 for Epic 4G from here or here. Also download the supplementary Google Apps package from here.

Step 2: Boot into CWM Recovery, and select the ‘Wipe data/Factory Reset’ option. Then navigate to Mounts and Storage and select the ‘format /system’ option.

Step 3: After you have formatted all the partitions on your Epic 4G, select the ‘install zip from SD card’ option, and then select the CM9 Alpha 4 zip file. Once the CM9 file has been flashed, again select the ‘install zip from SD card’ option, and this time select the Google Apps zip file package.

When the flashing process is complete, simply reboot your phone and wait for it to boot into CM9. Keep in mind that the first boot might take sometime, so please be patient.

Do NOT restore your app data backup. Doing so can lead to instabilities, and other issues. Also, please don’t complain about feature X or Y not working. The ROM is in Alpha for a particular reason.

You can also donate to the developers and show them your support by donating them here.

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