How To Improve Your Android Phone’s GPS Performance
By on November 9th, 2011

Quite a few Android users out there have trouble with the poor GPS performance on their phone. In fact, one of the most popular Android phones of 2010, the Galaxy S and its U.S variants, had a terrible GPS performance. While on some phones, the GPS used to work with very poor accuracy, on some phones, it just refused to work.

Thankfully, Android developers and modders have come up with some software tweaks that help in improving the overall GPS performance of your Android handset.

Here are some tricks to improve the GPS performance of your Android handset -:

If you have a non-rooted Android phone, just skip to the 3rd point.

1) FasterFix – If you have a rooted Android phone, download and install FasterFix from the Android Market.

The app allows you to change the NTP server of your handset, to a server, which is located near you physically. This will help in improving the GPS accuracy and the satellite lock-in time marginally.

2) GPS Status & Toolbox – Using GPS Status & Toolbox, users can delete their existing A-GPS data and download the latest one. This will be particularly helpful if you have travelled to a new place, and your GPS accuracy/lock-in time is poor.

To reset your GPS data, download GPS Status & Toolbox from the market. Enable the GPS on your handset, and start the app.  Press the Menu button, then select the Tools option. From the window which pops-up, select the “Manage A-GPS state” option, and then first reset your A-GPS data, and then download to get the latest GPS assistance data.

3) Software Updates – Sometimes, updating the software version of your Android handset also improves the GPS performance of the phone, substantially. This is because the software update might contain a new modem/baseband/radio of your phone, which handles all the network communications. A newer baseband/radio will definitely bring a noticeable improvement in the GPS performance.

Alternatively, Android users who have rooted their phone, can try out the latest radios/modems manually by downloading it from XDA and flashing it via CWM.

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