Root T-Mobile Vibrant

T-Mobile's Vibrant - (T959)


The Samsung Vibrant is the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S. The handset has the same internal hardware as the Galaxy S, and even looks similar to it. The only difference is that the Vibrant has the usual four capacitive touch-keys, instead of the one-hardware key and two capacitive keys found on the European version of Galaxy S.

Rooting Guide

The developers of T-Mobile Vibrant have made a very useful app, which easily allows users to root their phone, and/or if they wish, restore it back to stock.
The AIO Vibrant Toolbox app can be downloaded from here.

While it’s pretty straight forward to root the Vibrant using the AIO Toolbox app, I am still posting a small step-by-step guide.

Below are the steps to root your T-Mobile Vibrant -:

  1. Install the AIO Vibrant Toolbox which you downloaded from above.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. To do so, go to Settings-> Applications and select the ‘USB debugging’ option under the Development menu.
  3. Start AIO Vibrant Toolbox, and select the ‘Root’ option.
  4. A small window will pop-up as shown below. When the window pops-up, connect your Vibrant to your PC. Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging as instructed in Step 2.
  5. Once your phone is connected, press the ‘Copy Root File + Reboot into Recovery’ option.
  6. Your phone will them automatically reboot into recovery mode. When it does, use the volume keys and navigate to the ‘Reinstall packages’ option.
  7. Select the option by pressing the power button. The root file will then be flashed to your phone.
  8. Once the file is flashed, navigate to the ‘restart phone’ option and select it using the Power button.
  9. Your phone will reboot, and voila you have successfully rooted your Vibrant.

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