First CM9 Experimental Build For Samsung Galaxy S III Released
By on June 18th, 2012

It has been just a couple of weeks that the Samsung Galaxy S III went on sale, but the handset already has a bunch of custom ROMs, kernels and mods available for it. Members of TeamHacksung, part of the CyanogenMod team, also got the Galaxy S III and started porting CM9 on it right away. Last week, XplodWild released a video that showed off CM9 on the Galaxy S III but that build was barely functional with nearly every feature br0ken.

However, over the last one week TeamHacksung has been hard at work and have managed to get most of the things to work under CM9 on SGS3. They have also released an experimental build so that early Galaxy S III owners can get a taste of CM9 on their handset. For the first experimental build, the ROM works surprisingly fine. with only a few minor issues. Below is a very small list of what does not works on CM9 for FT-I9300 a.k.a Galaxy S III -:

  • FM Radio: currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Camera: using LED flash causes FCs on some phones.
  • Wifi: connection issues for a few users

There is also a Wi-Fi fix floating around in the XDA thread, which might work if you are few of those unlucky people for whom Wi-Fi does not work. So head over to this thread on XDA forums if you are willing to flash the experimental CM9 build on your brand-new Galaxy S III.


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