Enable Google Maps Navigation To Work in Any Region Of The World
By on November 10th, 2011

One of the main advantages of owning an Android phone is the brilliant Google apps experience, including Google Maps. With Google Maps, users get free access to rich and detailed maps, along with free voice-guided navigation. Sadly, like many other good things in life like Spotify, Netflix and Hulu etc., even Google Maps navigation is available only in the United States.

Google did state that they are working on brinigng Navigation to other parts of the world as well, but its been quite sometime (>1 year) and no progress has been made on this front.

Thankfully, the folks over at XDA have modded the Google Maps APK and have managed to get Google Navigation working in all regions of the world!

Sadly, this method will work only on rooted Android phones. Below are the steps to enable world navigation in Google Maps -:

Step 1: Make sure you have installed Google Maps on your handset. Uninstall the application using Titanium Backup. To do so, start Titanium Backup, and then select the ‘Backup/Restore’ tab. From the list of apps, select the Google Maps app, and then press on uninstall.

Step 2: Head over to this thread on XDA to download the latest version of Google Maps with world navigation enabled. Make sure you download the ‘signed’ version.

Step 3: Now simply install the ‘signed’ Google Maps APK. You have now successfully installed the modded version of Google Maps with worldwide navigation enabled.

Make sure to grant access to the modded Google Maps to your Google Account, when it asks for. It will be depicted by an exclamation mark on your notification bar. Without access to your Google account, users ‘t be able to sync their Google Maps favorites.

Keep in mind, that after installing the modded version, you will no longer be able to update Google Maps from the Android Market. You will always find the latest version of modded Google Maps at the XDA thread link posted above. Users can directly install the updates, by simply downloading and installing the ‘signed’ version.

Thanks to @kalpik!

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