Download Google Play Store, Music and Other Play APK Files Here!
By on March 6th, 2012

Last night, in a surprising move, Google rebranded the Android Market to Google Play Market. The ‘Play’ brand from Google does not only include the Android Market, but all other digital media services from Google including Google Music, Movies and Google Books. With Google Play, the search engine giant is trying to consolidate all its various entertainment services under one name.

Google Play will provide users with access to more than 450,000 apps, the ability to store more than 20,000 songs on the cloud, rent Movies for cheap and browse and buy eBooks. Yes, the same services from Google that had different names now come under the Play brand. Readers can find more info about Google Play here.

From what it looks like, Google Play is Google’s answer to Apple’s iCloud services. To celebrate the launch of Google Play, Google is also offering quite a bunch of apps and games for only 49 cents each in the Android Market. The whole list of apps up for sale can be found here.

Thanks to the re-branding, the Google Music Store is now is now known Google Play Music, Google Movies is now known as Google Play Videos while Google eBooks is now known as Google Play Books. All these apps have also been updated to reflect their new naming scheme. The APK of the above files can be downloaded from this thread on XDA.

The APK of the re-branded Google Play Store (formerly Android Market), which now also sports a new logo, can be downloaded from here.

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