AOKP vs. CM10 – Which Is The Ultimate Custom ROM?
By on October 18th, 2012

Back in March, I wrote about a very popular ROM for the Galaxy Nexus - AOKP (Android Open Source Kang Project) – and compared it against CM9 (CyanogenMod 9). Since then, AOKP has grown a lot, both in terms of user-base and features.

Jelly Bean has been available in AOSP for more than a couple of months now, and the CM and AOKP have teams nicely settled in with their Milestone release schedule. Over the last few months, both the teams have added a lot of new features to their ROM, and it’s time I again compared these two popular custom ROMs for Android devices to find out which is the ultimate custom ROM out there for Android devices.

Unlike last time, I have actually broken down the pros, cons and the common feature of each ROM in a list, which should make reading the article easier.

Common -:

  • Volume Wake and Long press volume buttons to skip tracks
  • The ability to tweak the automatic backlight values
  • Inbuilt Notification LED control — AOKP’s implementation is much superior though
  • Profiles
  • Lockscreen Calendar and weather widgets
  • Lockscreen shortcuts (Only 6 in CM10 compared to 8 in AOKP)
  • Theme Chooser
  • T9 Dialer
  • Overclocking/Options which improve performance like changing I/O scheduler etc.
  • Vibrate when a call is picked/disconnected/or every 45 seconds
  • Disable IME Switcher
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Both the ROMs have stunning Bootanimation
  • Ability to move the cursor using volume keys
  • The AOKP and CM teams is filled with talented developers and some really excellent people!

CM10 Pros -:

  • It just feels more polished
  • A much better OTA update system
  • Recommended for people who are new to the world of custom ROMs
  • Everything is organized, with all the instructions given wherever required

CM10 Cons -:

  • Cannot increase or decrease the size of the navigation bar
  • No Navigation Bar Shortcuts
  • No Navigation Bar Widgets
  • Cannot change the position of the clock in the status bar like in AOKP
  • No option to disable Camera Sounds

AOKP Pros -:

  • Custom background for the status bar
  • Custom carrier labels
  • A Kill-all button in Recents App
  • Ability to turn off boot animation or set a custom one
  • Change LCD Density/Force Tablet UI/Enable Dual Panel View (Like Paranoid Android)
  • Flip your phone to silence an incoming call
  • Face down audio mode (What to do with your phone’s volume when you flip it face down)
  • Less frequent notification sounds
  • Custom vibration intensity
  • Ability to completely hide the navigation bar – Useful when playing games
  • Navigation bar ring shortcuts
  • Change the speed of navigation bar button glow animation
  • Swag!

AOKP Cons -:

  • Feels a bit slower to me
  • Does not support as many devices as the CyanogenMod team does
  • Recommended for power users who want more customization options
Keep in mind that all the AOKP Cons are CM10′s advantages, and CM10 Cons are AOKP advantages.

Performance/Stability/Battery Life?

After looking at the feature, everyone wonders how good is the performance, stability and battery life of this ROM to ‘that’ ROM. Many people use CM10, because they think that it has the best battery life compared to any other ROM, and some people use AOKP for the same reason.

There is and will be no clear winner here. Both the ROMs are stable enough for daily use. Yes, there might be one build that give you some issues but mistakes happen, especially when you support a large number of devices.

Battery life varies largely depending on your usage and which custom kernel you use with the ROMs. There are a lot of other factors to be considered here, before we can crown either of the ROMs a clear winner here.

Cut the crap, we want a clear winner!?!

If you want the best performance and battery life, flash back to the stock ROM your phone came with. I cannot say for other handsets, but on my Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3, I have consistently gotten much better performance and battery life on stock compared to *any* custom ROM and kernel combination out there.

To every human his own though! Do experiment with custom ROMs and kernels to see which one gives you the best combination of performance and battery life.

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