Android Sync Manager – Sync your Contacts, Apps, SMS To Your PC Wirelessly
By on November 5th, 2011

Officially, Android does not have any desktop management software like iTunes for iOS devices, and Zune for WP7 handsets etc. This is where Android Sync Manager steps in.

Remember Nokia Suite or MyPhoneExplorer for Sony Ericsson dumb phones? Android Sync Manager has the same functionality as these apps, except it supports your Android phone. It can sync your contacts, messages, photos, specific folders and much more wirelessly to and fro from your phone.

Here is how you can Sync your Android phone wirelessly to your PC using Android Sync Manager -:

  1. Download the Android Sync Manager for Windows from here. Mac/Linux users, sorry you are out of luck! Also, install Android Sync Manager from the Android Market.
  2. Start Android Sync Manager on your PC as well as on your Android phone. On your handset, Android Sync Manager will show a pin. Enter that same pin in the Sync Manager PC application by going to Settings->Connection.
  3. Now, to sync your contacts go to the Contacts tab. Then under Control drop-down menu, select the Sync option. The app will now sync all your contacts from your Android phone to your PC. Use similar steps to sync your messages, videos and photos from your phone.

  4. Users can also specify Android Sync Manager to sync a specified folder on your Android phone or on your PC.

The app will also notify users when a new message comes in, and even allow them to reply to it or compose a new one. One nifty feature of Android Sync Manager is that it allows you to install or uninstall apps from your phone, right from the desktop app itself!

Users can also enable Auto-Sync in the app, so that it automatically syncs your contacts, messages, and/or specified folders periodically.

Like MyPhoneExplorer, Android Sync Manager also has an ‘Information’ tab, which shows all the relevant info of your phone, including the current ROM name, Android OS version, IMEI number, battery status and much more.

The best part about Android Sync Manager is that like most other suites, the app is also free.


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