Android Market’s App Refund Time Increased To 30 Minutes!
By on December 3rd, 2011
Late last year, Google released a new version of the Android Market and reduced the app refund time from a 24 hours to a mere 15 minutes. While some developers appreciated this, general consumers criticized this move. With most Android games downloading an extra ‘resource’ pack after purchasing it from the Android Market, the 15 minutes app refund time is just not adequate enough to try out a game. Sometimes the 15 minutes time span is spent in downloading the extra resources of the game itself, especially from Gameloft.

A few days ago, Google updated its Android Market policy and it suggested that the big-G might increase the app-refund window to a whopping 48 hours! However, Google did not announce anything and the app refund window time remained the same at 15 minutes.

Now, it looks like Google might have increased the app refund window time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. While Google has not officially confirmed this piece of news, I have been successfully able to purchase apps and then refund them within 30 minutes of purchasing without any issues.

Here are some screenshots (Please click on them to view them in full size) -:

Even though this is completely irrelevant, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S2, which is running an Android 2.3.6 based custom ROM, along with the latest version (3.3.12) of the Android Market. I have been successfully able to refund 3 different games after more than 15 minutes of purchasing them. The App refund policy page from Google still states the time to be 15 minutes though.
Nevertheless, its nice to see that Google has finally listened to Android users plea and increased the app refund time to 30 minutes. It will give users a bit more breathing time before they decide whether they should refund an app or not.
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