Google Now – All Commands And Cards Of Your New Personal Assistant
By on August 7th, 2012

In addition to Project Butter, the other major new feature introduced by Google in Jelly Bean is Google Now and the revamped Search Experience. Google Now, unlike Siri, is tightly integrated with all other services from Google. You search for a location on your computer, and a few minutes later, when you pick up your phone, Google Now will automatically tell you how much time it will take to go to the location you had searched for from your current location.

Google Now, in conjunction with Google Voice Search, can do much more than just showing some cards. Like Siri, users can simply speak into their phone to automate some basic tasks like directions to a certain place, call or message someone,  weather updates etc.

However, Voice Search needs certain keywords to work unlike Siri. Since Google has not released the full list of keywords or functions that Google Now/Voice Actions supports, most users don’t have any clue about most of them. An XDA member has compiled a list of all the working voice commands for Google Now/Voice Actions.

The list is huge, but contains some really useful commands that I am sure most users would be unknown of. Below are a few of my favorite and lesser known Google Now commands -:

  • Press the mic button and say “Wake Me Up Tomorrow at time
  • “Note To self _____”
  • “Do a barrel roll”
  • “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  • “Remind me to ____ in __ hours”
  • “Will I need a jacket today?”

These are just a few of the Google Now commands that I found really useful or funny. The whole list of commands can be found over here.

Credits to Killer-B for the whole list!


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