AIDE – Android Java IDE Allows Devs. To Code Android Apps Right On Their Android Device!
By on March 6th, 2012

One reason why the quality of apps on the Android Market sucks is because of the poor Android SDK and the development guidelines given by Google. For a beginner, the basic guides from Google are simply way too complex to comprehend anything.

Nevertheless, developers who are dedicated to their app and its users, will definitely overcome all the barriers and do what they love the most, improve and polish their app. Now, won’t it be awesome if you could code apps right from your phone? After all you can use the same device to code apps for which you create apps!

A new app in the Android Market, AIDE – Android Java IDE, allows developers to fulfill this wish of theirs. The app creates an IDE environment for developing real Android apps right on your Android device. The app supports full edit-compile-run cycle meaning it packs in a feature rich editor with advanced features like code completion, real-time error checking and the ability to run your app in a single click.

AIDE also supports Eclipse project, thus allowing developers to work on their existing project right on their device. Developers simply need to copy the source code to their Android handset, and then open any of the source files via AIDE to load the project and start coding.

This app will be perfect for Android developers who own an Asus Transformer along with the keyboard dock. Guess they won’t need to carry their laptop everywhere for coding now.

Considering how useful the app will be for developers, its quite surprising to see the app available as a free download from the Android Market.

Author: Rajesh Pandey Google Profile for Rajesh Pandey
Rajesh is a 19 year old nerd, currently pursuing B.Com Hons from Bhawanipore college in Kolkata, India. He loves everything tech, especially Android. You can follow him on twitter @ePandu or mail to him at

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