Tips on contacting Google adsense support

I have been in touch with Google adsense support quite a few times, and at times they have contacted me with regards to my site not adhering to their policies. Overall it has been a great experience so would like to share a few tips to new and old adsense users about it.

1. You do not need to contact adsense support for running your ads on multiple site.

If you are an accepted publisher and run more than one site then you do not need to contact adsense support to add your ad code to another site.

To simplify you can run adsense on multiple site with the same publisher code without getting approval from Google adsense.

2. If you are making any changes to the way you display the ads that is not on the program policies please contact them

What I mean is that when you are trying something new with the way you display your adsense get it approved by the adsense team, mind you I do it every time I play around with ads and it helps a ton because I do not want to be on the blacklist and get banned.

If you are displaying images next to your ads then I recommend you to read these posts. Why to approve your changes with adsense?, well they make policies and ban users so it is better to ask than make money and get banned.

3. Be patient

Adsense is a hugely popular program and almost any and every site you come across has ads from Google, so do not panic if your reply does not come immediately. Adsense team replies within 2-3 days which is normal so do not submit your queries over and over again.

Another question arises what do you do when you receive a email from adsense support read ahead for that now

What to you do when Adsense team contacts you?  

When you get a email from adsense first of all take it seriously because they will never email you because they are your friends they will only email you when your site that is publishing your ads is doing something wrong or for information regarding your account.

First of all check out the problem and try to rectify it Once you rectify it respond to their email and tell them about the problem, be honest all the times even if you have made a mistake.

With adsense I recommend honesty is the best policy.

Here is a example of adsense contacting and me rectifying it

I had recieved such a email when “someone” had registered my site to a portal that was showing users my website to users for 10 seconds. This site was sending me traffic which was bad and I never intended to have (tell me how will a user know about what I write in 10 seconds) and viewing the ads too. Well you may say why fret, well I had the Google ads in the header and was getting around 1000+ traffic weirdly.

To get back to the topic Google adsense contacted me that I am doing something against their policies, yes I agree I was, but I didn’t do much about it because I could not do much about it as I was getting free traffic against my wishes.

But then I rectified the issue and got good with them. Take it seriously when THEY contact you, I am highligting they because whenever you recieve a email from them you have to rectify it or risk your selves banned from adsense.

If you are curious what I did for my problem. I added a simple php code to my site. REMEMBER do not modify your adsense code it is against the policies, I just modified whether adsense code should be displayed or not.


if($_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] == “thatserver”){
code to show adsense ads
else {
echo “Noooo dough for you”;

This way I made sure that any site I didnt subscribe to didn’t ruin my earnings.

Just be careful with adsense and contact them whenever you are in doubt that’s the best advice I can give.

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  • Nice article. :-) This is very useful for all using adsense.

  • keith

    Hey Nirmal,

    Glad you liked it, I do follow this quite religiously.


  • Keith,
    I guess, its best to follow the rules.
    One more doubt in your post. What if I remove the ads from the main site which I registered and use it in some other site? Does the Adsense team mail you for that?

  • keith

    It is fine if you do that, once you are accepted as a publisher you can use the ad code on any site. You will not have to contact them when you remove it from your main site too.

  • Hi Keith,

    I have some issue with my adsense whereby my local western uniom agent told me that the transaction (regarding to payment by Google) is not found.

    I want to ask Google why they have debited my a/c but the transaction is not found.

    I tried to send email to [email protected] but was told by Google that this is not the right email and keep asking me to check their resources. I have checked through but still couldn’t get my answer there.

    May I know what is the email you use to contact the adsense support team?

    You kind assistance is very much appreciated as I am helpless now.

  • Edo

    I was approved as a publisher when I still have one blog, written in Indonesian. My adsense account doesn’t support adsense for content.
    Now that I have an english written blog, how can I request to change my account? I read in the agreement, we cannot have different account on adsense. And I can’t find how to do this in adsense support site.

  • what we need is a telephone number for google or an emmail address that works to contact them

  • I was also looking for the contact info for Google as my adsense account was disabled for some unfounded TOS violation. I had an account balance of over $200 and since my account was disabled, I am no longer able to even login to withdraw my remaining balance.
    I’m hoping they’re not gonna rip me off for the remaining balance since my account was disabled…
    I tried sending an email to [email protected] but it was undeliverable as I suspected. I did find this: which is Googles Corporate Information incliding regional phone numbers. I’ll be calling them Monday to see if I can resolve my issue.
    Hopefully that will help someone else as well…
    Best Regards & God Bless…

  • Ed

    First, how do you contact them?? My experience OK until recently there was an increase in my earning so I researched it and found it was 2 sites so I increased my traffic to though site but then a couple days lately I went to see how I was doing and my account was close and as far as i can see it was for suspicious clicking activity so I filed an appeal and I am waiting for the results. Then Google made an unprofessional move, I just found the last check I received was returned as unpaid which caused checks to bounce and bank fees to add up. Why would they do that over $100 when they make 100’s of millions? My appeal was not even decided yet, why not just send me a letter asking me for the money back? If I win my appeal I don’t thin I will ever deal with them again and I do hope you publish this people people and to know that Google has a bad side also. I know I did nothing wrong and i there is a problem with the sites I am getting traffic then that is NOT my fault.

  • Hello. I had created an adsense account awhile ago under a gmail account. I forgot about this account and cannot access it anymore. I created my first blog and I cannot get approved to ad adsense to my new site.

  • Angad

    i got a mail from adsense telling me my account already exits related to another email id which is not mine and hence my account cannot be activated nor m i getting the option to fill in the application again… .
    posted a query in their forum still nothing working…..

  • pranay

    i sent my application and my website was of blogger. they disapprove it. and when i am tring to resubmit its comeing like………….

    An AdSense account does not exist for this login, as it is associated with an unapproved application. For more information about your application, please review the message we sent to the email address you provided with your application.

  • Well your article has been quite some time back but now the email does not work. They have taken away the email support.