Google Experiments With New Adsense Formats

The Google Adsense team has announced a revamped design for some Adsense units. This includes some major changes to the Leaderboard (728 X 90), large rectangle (336 X 280) and medium rectangular (300 X 250) units.

Here is an image from the official Adsense blog which shows the changes that are on route:

Google says that they have implemented the change after analyzing publisher site layouts and reviewing requests from around the world. The newer Adsense units will be more space efficient and visually pleasing.

The changes are predominant, the links, title and description of the advertisements are now arranged in rows instead of columns. The ads are easier to read which is surely going to affect the CTR and performance. Of course, when only one ad unit is shown – the title, description and the links will take over the entire ad space.

In case of the rectangular blocks, the URL of the website will appear in the same line as the title of the advertisement. Font sizes have also been changed which adds up in easier reading.

One good thing regarding the Leaderboard unit is that the title of the advertisement appears in far left. Since a human eye scan a webpage from left to right, I think this change will encourage more Adsense publishers to test the newer Leaderboard units. Thanks to tabbed browsers, you can place a big Leaderboard unit at the top of your blog’s template because the portion near the tabbed area receives good attention.

Please note that until now, the changes are not reflected in all the existing Adsense accounts because the Google Adsense team is still testing the newer units and the final changes will be rolled out in a few weeks from now.

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