Google AdSense Policy Changes
By on March 27th, 2008

Google AdSense as always keeps on adding new policies to their already heavy user policies. This time around there are some interesting changes to their policies with regards to ad placements.

The first interesting change is no ad units under section headings that imply ads are not ads. According to the policy such formats may mislead a user that the ads are part of the post. This change affects the hugely popular format used by most blogs wherein the ads are directly placed beneath the title before the content starts. Check out the screenshot below to look at the format of the ads.


As you see the new guidelines ask you to refrain from posting ads below the title, but wait do not panic it is only for posts which have misleading titles that try to blend the ads as part of the actual content. You can continue using this format on your blog as long as the title is relevant and not misleading.

The second policy change implies that the ads on your site should be easily distinguishable from the content. Check out the screenshot below for offending formats of ad placements.


As you can see the content and ads are not easily distinguishable. You can such many such ads being using on MFA (Made For AdSense) sites.


As always these policies are bound to affect many publishers and it is always good to stay on the good side of the AdSense team rather than getting banned. That said the first policy change should raise many a doubts among publishers but like I said it will not affect you unless there is a title that is actually questionable.

If you have any doubts about Google AdSense do feel free to tell me about it, you can leave a comment or contact me directly.

Via: [Official Google AdSense Blog]

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  • Derrick Tan


    For a moment, I thought most of the Adsense marketers will kill themselves or start to flame Google for publishing yet another astonishing policy.

    But as I read, I found that I’m actually more on Google’s side. If your title is relevant, you shouldn’t have anything to worry.

    So let’s pray hard that Google will not crimp down anything more.

    Derrick Tan

  • charles

    How about the pages page with adsense ads below the Title? Is it also not allowed as per Google’s new guidelines? Please enlighten me.

    • Keith Dsouza

      Charles, the same rules apply for pages too. You cannot place the ads under questionable titles.

  • Email Marketing Guide

    I become panic after see the policy change. Because i have all of my websites and pages have the adsesne units under the post title. In a moment i started to think to shift my self to become a serious affiliate marketer rather than pomoting adsense ads. After seeing your post i am little bit relaxed because i don’t have the misleading titles in any of my blogs. Thanks for this post.

  • mymytri

    “no ad units under section headings that imply ads are not ads”

    I don’t find the above in updated google terms and conditions which i was accepted recently.Could you tell me where you find this?

  • Sinavlar

    yes,may be "these policies are bound to affect many publishers" is correct but in turkey anymore you can earn very very little from adsense.

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