Google Adsense New Ad Formats Are Coming Soon
By on September 10th, 2010

If you are using Google Adsense for monetizing your blog or websites, here is some good news.

The Adsense team may soon introduce larger ad formats to the Adsense inventory, this will surely have a good impact on your Adsense earnings. The expected ad formats are 728 X 300, 300 X 600, 960 X 250 and 300 X 600 apart from the regular ad units.

Here is a video which gives a short glimpse about the upcoming Google Adsense units:

Exactly one month ago, we told you that Google is experimenting with newer Adsense formats. Major changes were made to the Leaderboard (728 X 90),large rectangle (336 X 280) and medium rectangular (300 X 250) units.

When it comes to online advertising, bigger is better. Study shows that visitors are more attracted to larger ad blocks and they ignore small banners or button advertisements. The newer ad formats will surely give publishers as well as advertisers more option, you can place the 300 X 600 ad unit on the sidebar or the 960 X 250 ad unit above the header.

There is no clear announcement on the official Adsense blog yet, we will update this post once we get more information on the story.

Thanks Anand for the tip.

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