Changing your country for Google AdSense

Changing your address for receiving Google AdSense payments is easy but changing a country is not such an easy process.

The first thing I did when I moved to US was changed my country for my Google AdSense account because it would be beneficial for me to receive payments in US dollars rather than Indian Rupees which I earlier used to get and also since I got a bank account it US it meant faster payments than regular check payments.

You can use the following instructions to only change your country whenever you move to someplace else, the above EFT transfers are only available in US, in other countries you will receive the regular check payments.

Important Information: When you change your country with Google AdSense you have to create a new Google Account. The old account will be canceled so you will have to create a new account to use Google AdSense with a new country. The other services associated with your old account like Gmail, Calendar etc will not be affected and you can continue using it.

The Preparation

The first thing before you can change your country is populate this information

  1. Have you ever received an AdSense payment? If so, what was the amount of your most recent payment?
  2. What was the first day you received a page impression?
  3. How many page impressions did you get on your first day?
  4. What is your new address?

The answers to all 4 questions are easy.

Answer 1:

Login to your existing account and go to My Account -> Payment History and find the most recent Payment Issued Date. If you have not received a payment then state that you have not yet received your payment yet

Answer 2:

This is more tricky, for this go to Reports -> Advanced Reports and choose the following options as shown below.


Make sure to select the date range as all time and click on the Display Report button. Now in the displayed report below choose the first date which is always the first date you started receiving AdSense impressions on you site. That date becomes the answer to your second question.

Answer 3:

With steps you performed above you also get the answer to the third one under the Page Impressions column.

Answer 4:

Enter your correct new address information including, country etc.

Making a Contact

Once you have collected all this information you need to contact the Google AdSense representative to inform them about these changes, to do that do the following steps.

1. Go to the contact page for Google AdSense. From the option provided select Account Issues after which you have to select Want to change my country as shown below.


Once you have done that click on Continue button, you should be taken to a new page where you have to fill in the information that is asked in the text area provided enter the questions and answers that you collected earlier.

For example you will need to paste the information with something like this;

Have you ever received an AdSense payment? If so, what was the amount of your most recent payment?
Yes, I have recieved an AdSense payment, the most recent being so and so date

What was the first day you received a page impression?
I recieved my first page impression on so and so date.

How many page impressions did you get on your first day?
I got xxx page impression on the first day

What is your new address?
your new address info here

That’s it now all you need to do is submit the question and cross your fingers.

Waiting Period

An AdSense representative will get back to you within 3-4 days time and guide you with the steps to change the account to your new country. Once you have setup your new account you can now start using your new account.

Other things to know

Canceling your old account does not relinquish your earnings but they will rather be transferred to your new account. But don’t expect the transfer to happen immediately it takes a minimum of 90 days for payments to be transferred from old account to new ones.

The ad units do not perform well for the first 1-2 days but after that performance returns to normal.

Some Guidance Tips from me

Once you have received your new account first thing to do is that you have to change the AdSense publisher id for all the pages where you currently are running AdSense. The old account will no longer receive payment for clicks. Also within a few days the old account will stop showing ads and display public ads.

Since you the old account balance will not be transferred to you for 90 days, wait until you receive the payments for the current month before making the request. In such case you will not have a huge amount stuck for 90 days.

If you do not hear from the payment team you can always send them a gentle reminder and they will tell you the status of your account.

Click here to view the official help from Google AdSense for changing your country. Let me know if you have found this information helpful or if you have any other tips related to AdSense.

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  • Thanx for the information.. Its very useful..

  • Hey.. thanks Man.. useful info.. your website rocks

  • Dude.. yesterday.. I tried to change the country in Google Adsense, and I was successfully in all the steps. But Google rejected it, and they said due to tax and security reasons.. they can’t able to change.. and if I want to change the address.. I should close the current one and open a new a/c ! :(

    Luckily.. I had only few bucks there.. but if I had more bucks… I would have sued Google ! .. :lol:

  • thanks info was useful.. i’m trying to change country add to china.. lets see what they replies..

  • i really like ur advice & i followed it also

    no let’s see it works or not

    w8ing for a reply

  • When you try to move to India from any country, they simply reject saying due to Tax and security reasons. And same things happen with New adsense application. Apply with any website whether good / better or even best one following Google TOS, they will reject if it is from India. I am sure about what I am saying.

    • I am not sure, but I have been able to change my address back from US to a India one, didn’t have any problems when I did.

      • When did you change? Last year?

  • Can Any one tell me how i can receive payment from Western Union for google adsense. Should I have to open an account in WU ? How WU identify me to recieve payment? what I should tell WU people?


    Shahid ( Pakistan )

    • no you don't need an WU a/c just go to adsense a/c and see the payment options and edit it.. see if there is options for WU..

  • Keith, Thanks for the info. I want to know if we can change payee name? Is it possible?

    I want too change name – from mine to my son.

    • @Braidy It is not possible to change the Payee name, you can only change your address and country

  • hello me 1st live in canada but now me live in pakistan please change my google adsense account adress me not recived pin number

    thanks google

  • Oh changing Country of Residence is a bit tough. I'm planning to go abroad soon.

  • waqar ahmad

    is account is change from Australia to Pakistan easily

  • Girraj

    is country affects the earning..i heard from someone if country is india they will pay less then country like…is it true

    • @Girraj – I don’t think that it works like that. It is the same everywhere.

  • HI.

    Nice post.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    but i have a question.
    can this trick work for india??

  • hi thanks for the post, at least i was able to change my address by reading your post thanks

  • As usual, Google seems to have problems with only some countries. This is not pleasant, but at least they work things out, which is nice to know. It is usually very hard to reach Google for anything related to Adsense, so it is a refreshing change to see that they have someone contacting you for this issue.

  • Samuel

    THANK YOU! Now, I sincerely hope that my attempt to change my country (for the third time, at least…) is successful!

  • Sorry but i dont undestand this part “Once you have received your new account first thing to do is that you have to change the AdSense publisher id for all the pages where you currently are running AdSense”
    Which are those pages where I am running Adsense?
    What do you mean with that?

  • it does not work like this any more,,i took all the trouble to record the above things you said,,,and when i applied to change my country,,i had to first close my previous account and then was told that my previous month earning would be sent to the previous address and …..i was made to create a new account that too is in verification period,,