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Last Updated: 15th January, 2010

Techie Buzz strives to provide users with useful information about technology and the latest software. mobiles, gadgets and more. We also believe in sharing our knowledge with the world and have written 100s of tutorials and tips and tricks.

We also introduce our readers to new and useful software which will make their computing life more easy, providing them with several choices for any given task. We write in-depth software reviews, making it easier for users to setup and use software.

At Techie Buzz we have a ear for our readers and try and answer questions they send in to us, readers in the past have been able to solve their problems after we have posted about it.

Techie Buzz is a place to know your technology head on.

What Does Techie Buzz Mean?

Techie is a term, derivative of the word technology, for a person who displays a great, sometimes even obsessive, interest in technology, as well as high-tech devices, particularly computers. (cite: wikipedia)

As the above definition explains the meaning of Techie, we are all about telling the readers about the latest innovations and software. We are not among those who keep knowledge to themselves, so we create a buzz around our Techie knowledge, letting others know about things they find hard to solve or introducing software that make life easier for others. For us technology is a topic we love and derive on daily, and with Techie Buzz we share it with others.


This blog was started as a hobby by Keith, who was amazed at what the power of writing could do, though he liked writing from childhood he took up blogging in April 2006 and started Techie Buzz on June 3rd 2006.

Over the past three and half years there have been lots of changes at Techie Buzz and we have been able to improve on the mistakes and learn new things every day. Techie Buzz has grown tremendously over the last three and half years is now one of the top technology blogs across the world.

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To enhance the quality of content and provide diverse news to readers, Techie Buzz is authored by several different people, you can find posts written by authors and contributors by visiting the links below.

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