Import Emails From Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc to Gmail

I remember using several email accounts, before switching all communications to , however with this change I had to leave my emails and contacts from my other email accounts as it is.

However Gmail has now addressed this issue with a new feature which will allow users to import emails and contacts from their older accounts into Gmail.


The service to import emails is powered by TrueSwitch, a service provider that specializes in email migration.

The service has gone live and will be seen by select few users only right now. However Gmail will make it available to more users in near future.

You can find more information about the import feature by visiting the Official Google Help Page for importing data to Gmail.

Photo Cutter Allows You To Cut Photos With Ease

There are several times when you may want to edit a image and remove some part of it, like a unwanted stranger popping out of nowhere. In such cases you require good skills and a image editing software.

Photo Cutter is a handy freeware that aims to remove the hassle out of cutting photos by providing a easy to use interface for cutting images.

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How To Open .wgz Files?

WGZ files are compressed archives that contains a widget or a small program, for Nokia S60 based phones, these compressed archives may contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and makes use of the Web Runtime (WRT) software to run itself.

S60 Web Runtime is a framework that allows developers to easily create mobile application.

To open .wgz files you will require Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Multimedia Transfer so that you can install it on your Nokia S60 based smartphones.

Create Tasks From Your Twitter Tweets Using TwTask

is addicting, but along with that it is also a nice service for getting things done, along with that it also has tons of twitter applications and services, which help you use twitter better, in this post we will be featuring another interesting application that allows users to create task by sending out updates to twitter.


TwTask is a new service which allows users to create tasks by sending updates, the process is simple and you do not need to share your twitter username and password.

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World Clock For Gmail

Tracking time of different countries becomes important when you stay in one country and your business clients or family members stay in another, though there are several tools to check world timings from the desktop, a nifty little gadget called PolyClock, which allows users to view time from different time zones across the world in .


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Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 License for 6 Months

Kaspersky is definitely one of the best antivirus solutions available today, however unlike most of the software we talk about here, Kaspersky is not free and requires users to buy a license key for usage.


However like always we came across a deal where Kaspersky Indian is giving away 6 months license as a free promotional offer for Kaspersky Antivirus 2009.

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Access Frequently Used Folders Quickly and Easily

There may be several folders on your computer which are frequently used by you for saving images, videos, music files etc, in those cases navigating to those folders each and every time can be a hassle.


We have told you about several tools in the past which allow you to access your frequently used folders with ease, these utilities allow users to save time while they perform actions like saving and opening files from frequently used folders.

Here is a Techie Guide which includes a compilation of the best tools to save time while accessing frequently used folders.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro User

has overtime become a really useful webmail service and has by far released several features in which make it even more useful day by day.


However other than what the developers at Gmail have been working on there are several tools that will help get the best out of Gmail.

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HEMA: Most Innovative Product Website

Just got a new tip as a forward email, where I came across a really well designed and programmed Dutch product website.


The website is really innovative and definitely keeps the user hooked on. Take a look at this site and enjoy a new programming experience.

Note: Please let the website load fully before viewing the programmer’s magic, do not click on links too. You may require a flash enabled web browser for this to work.