Transform Windows XP To Look Like Windows 7

Microsoft operating systems have made several transitions in the looks and feels department over the years, and they always make people want to have the same look and feel for their old OS without the need to upgrade their entire system.


In the past we have tried to take care of these needs by telling users how to make their PC look like , however times have changed and it is that is ruling the roost today.

So what better way than have your Windows XP OS transformed to look like Windows 7, albeit without the costly upgrades.

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Google Tasks On Your Desktop [Featured Download]

In the past we have told you about getting Gmail on your desktop and getting Google calendar on your desktop, however Google tasks is another interesting new service, which allows you to create tasks from your email, or use it a regular To-Do list manager.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if you could access Gmail tasks from your desktop? Well if you said yes, we just came across a interesting application, which will allow you to access Google Tasks from your desktop.

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Option To Restart Firefox

Firefox allows users to restart the browser only when a new or Firefox theme has been installed, however there are several times when the browser performs slow and you may want to restart Firefox rather than having to close and start it again.


A add-on called Restart Firefox adds a option to restart the browser through a menu item. Once you install the add-on, you can restart the browser by visiting the File menu and clicking on the Restart Firefox item.

Definitely useful if you frequently close and start Firefox. The add-on is experimental, so you will need to login to Mozilla add-ons before you can install it in Firefox.

Download Restart Firefox

Search Files On Megaupload: Megaupload Search Engines

In our earlier post, we had told you about some rapidshare search engines, that help you search for files on a popular file sharing network called Rapidshare, however Megaupload is another popular file sharing network and there are several thousand files uploaded there too.

If you are looking to search and download files from Megaupload, take a look at the most popular search engines for search files on the Megaupload network.

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Search Files on Rapidshare: Rapidshare Search Engines

Rapidshare is one of the most famous file sharing network and there are millions of files uploaded on Rapidshare, however those files can only be downloaded, if you know the direct link for them. However there are ways in which you can actually search the Rapidshare network.


Here are some of the search engines you can use to search files specifically on the Rapidshare network. We must bring this to your attention that most of these search engines do not actually search the Rapidshare network, but instead search the websites and forums to find Rapidshare links to files.

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Watch Videos and Do Your Work With A Transparent Web Browser

There are several times when you may want to browse a particular webpage and perform the steps listed in it, or watch a tutorial video and simultaneously perform the actions listed in it, however it becomes pretty hard to do both of the things together when you are on a single monitor setup.

Double Vision is a innovative browser that aims to address this problem, by providing users with a transparent browser that will allow users to view videos and browse the web in a transparent browse whilst continuing to do their work in other applications.

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Standalone Flash Player

Flash videos are the rage these days with it being lightweight and more easy to broadcast over the internet, however downloaded flash videos like FLV cannot be played with a regular media player, and you will require a special player to play such type of files.

We had told you about a handy and free desktop FLV player, however we came across another standalone flash player which will allow you to play FLV and SWF files from your desktop with ease.

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How To Download Videos From MegaVideo?

Update: You can download another software that will help you download Megavideo files to your desktop. Download Megavideo downloader. Don’t forget to Read a Step by Step guide for Downloading Videos From Megavideo.

In the past we have told you how you can download videos from YouTube and Google Videos, however there are several other popular video services and we will cover them too, to show you how to download videos from other popular video services.

The video service we will talk about today is MegaVideo, which is a very popular video service and hosts several videos found on the internet.

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Download DirectX 10 For Windows XP

Many of the games released today make use of DirectX 10 for better gaming performance and graphics, however Windows XP does not have official support for DirectX 10.

However if you are looking to download DirectX 10 for XP and enjoy newer games, you can do it by downloading a unofficial version of DirectX 10 created by the KM-Software DirectX team or the Alky Project.

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Best of Best: Tips for a Old PC and a New OS

As a part of our Endeavour to bring the best content to old and new readers alike, we announced yesterday that we would be featuring some of the best content from the past in our list, so that users who missed them can enjoy the .


In the first in the series, we take a look at few articles which would help users who are looking to re-install a operating system or giveaway their old PC to someone else. We have covered things that users tend to overlook, so make sure to read those tips, bookmark them and print them for comfort.

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